Help Center Overview for One Learn TMS Administrators

Welcome to the Help Center for One Learn TMS Administrators. In this category, you will find articles to help answer questions you may have in managing the TMS. These articles are divided in three categories: Level 1, Level 2, and General Topics. If you are new to the TMS, start with Level 1 and read the articles in the order listed below. They build on each other and follow the process of managing classes. Level 2 provides information you may need after mastering Level 1. General Topics includes additional information regarding TMS administration. If you have worked in the TMS before and have a question, you can use the lists below to quickly find the article you want.

One LearnTMS Administrator Training – Level 1

  1. How do I create student accounts?
  2. How do I create instructor accounts?
  3. How can I create multiple user accounts at once?
  4. How do I create a class?
  5. How do I enroll students?
  6. How do I create classrooms?
  7. Can I rearrange items on the Site Administration page?

One Learn TMS Administrator Training – Level 2

  1. Should I use a Class, a Custom Event or a Course Assignment to schedule training?
  2. How do I schedule self-paced learning for a student?
  3. How do I see available courses and determine how much I will be charged for a lab in one of them?
  4. How can I cancel a class?
  5. How do I find users?
  6. What do I do if an email address is unavailable when I am creating a user account?
  7. What can I do about duplicate user accounts?
  8. How do I find a student’s upcoming classes?
  9. How do I find a student’s completed classes?
  10. How do I find if or when a student has launched a lab?
  11. How can I reuse search settings or create default settings on search pages?
  12. How do I set the defaults for creating users and creating classes?

One Learn TMS Administrator – General Topics

  1. Where do I find the system requirements for labs?
  2. How can I check lab connectivity for a class outside of my center?
  3. How can I find how long a lab will be saved for?
  4. How can I create a classroom that is outside my center?
  5. How can I track laptops being used for classes taught outside my center?
  6. How can I check-in students for a class?
  7. How can I see classes in a calendar view?
  8. How do I find all the classes a student has ever been registered to take?
  9. Why do links disappear?


You should also review the articles in the One Learn User FAQs and TMS Instructors categories. The first category contains articles that answer common questions students may have with regards to the One Learn LOD labs used in classes. The second category contains articles that answer instructor questions. You can minimize your students’ and instructors' frustration by familiarizing yourself with these articles.


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