Suggestions for creating a successful lab

When you have completed the design and implementation of your lab, here are some suggestions of items to do before you “optimize” the image for use as a demo or as a lab:

  1. Turn off any sleep options in the Power Options
  2. Turn off Windows Updates service
  3. Set the Performance options in System Properties to Adjust for best performance
  4. Ensure all applications used are functional and will not expire during the life of series use (i.e. do not use trial or beta applications that have hard-set expiration dates outside of when the lab is launched)
  5. Ensure VMs can talk to each other, if necessary
  6. Enhance the image as necessary
    1. For the Hyper-V platform, create a Removable Media Profile from the stickykeykill.iso (located in the LabDevBase/ISO folder) and install the dynamic screen resizer applet from that ISO in each VM in the lab.
  7. Make a differencing disk after all changes are made
  8. Rearm OS and applications
  9. Make a final differencing disk
  10. Create a Start State

In the Lab Profile edit page on Virtual Machines tab:

  1. For the virtual machine that the user will interact with first, check Default selection
  2. Set Startup delays on VMs, as necessary, for proper connection between machines

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