How do I create a temporary restore point while developing my lab?

When developing a lab, you may find you want or need to restore or rollback the machines to a previous point to do something a different a way. This is where you would use snapshots, which are temporary restore points available during that session of the lab.

You have to enable snapshots before launching the lab in order to use them within the lab. To do this, click Edit on the Lab Profile page. Next, click the Save/Cancel Options tab and in the Maximum Allowed Snapshots field, type the number of snapshots you want available. Click Save and launch the lab.

Once the lab is running and you are working on it, you can create a snapshot at any time. Click the Commands menu command_icon.png at the top right of the lab interface, and click Snapshots. In the Snapshots window, type the name of the snapshot and click Create Snapshot. This creates a snapshot of all machines in the lab.

To restore to a snapshot, open the Snapshots window again and click Apply next to the snapshot you want to restore the machines to. Click OK to confirm the action.

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