How do I associate an ISO with my Lab Profile?

You can add an ISO to any Lab Profile and associate it with your VMs. There are two ways to do this: create the Removable Media Profile for the ISO first and then associate it with the Lab Profile (covered here) or create the Removable Media Profile from the Lab Profile itself (to be covered later)

Once you are logged in, from Site Administration, under Lab Profiles, click Find Lab Profiles. Input part of the Lab Series name, and then click Search. In the search results, click the name of the Lab Profile you want. On the Lab Profile page, click Edit and on the Removable Media tab, click Add Removable Media. Use the filters to refine the search results, click Search, select the Removable Media Profiles wanted and then click OK. Save the Lab Profile. By default, once you have added a Removable Media Profile to a Lab Profile, it is available to all virtual machines in that Lab Profile, but not preloaded into any VMs at launch. In a launched lab, the user loads the removable media into a machine the from DVD Drive dropdown for the machine on the Machines panel in the lab interface.

You can set the Removable Media Profile to preload an ISO or floppy into specific virtual machines at launch, if needed. To do this, click the Virtual Machines tab in the Lab Profile and for the VM using the ISO, expand the dropdown for the DVD Drive and change the setting from No Media to the Removable Media Profile you just added. Then click Save.

For floppy disks, you would use the same process with Removable Media Profiles.

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