How do I create a Lab Profile?

A Lab Profile is used to provide the lab interface, the virtual machines, and other items used in the lab to the user. A Lab Profile is a required component of all labs.

There are two locations to create a Lab Profile: 1) from the Lab Series page you want to add the Lab Profile to (automatically associates the Lab Profile to the series) and 2) from the Admin page on the Lab Profile tab (not automatically associated with any Lab Series). This blog will be from the Lab Series page.

Once you are logged in and have navigated to the Lab Series page, click Create Lab Profile in the link bar towards the top of the page. The profile will open to the Basic Information tab with the following fields:

Field Req. Type of Information
Number Y Number to order the Lab Profile within the series
Name Y Name of lab
Series Y Automatically filled in from the Lab Series where the process stared
Organization Y Automatically filled in from the Organization in your User's Profile
Platform Y Drop-down with Virtual Server, Hyper-V, vSphere, Azure, and AWS platforms
Storage Reservation Y Amount of storage you feel the launched lab will take (see explanation under the question mark in the Lab Profile)
Development Status Y Drop-down for your use - only Complete labs can be published
Duration Y Amount of time the launched lab will provide the user
Language Y Language the lab uses
Level Y Set by default
Evaluation N Field to associate an evaluation with the lab
Advertising Campaing N Field to associate an advertising campaign with the lab
Description N Brief description of the lab; seen in the TMS when the Lab Profile is associated with a course
Objective N Place for the objectives of the lab; if filled out, seen in a window when the lab first launches
Scenario N Place for the scenario of the lab; if filled out, seen in the same window as the objectives

 The fields and checkboxes at the bottom will be covered in later articles and videos.

The rest of the tabs are listed below and will covered in later articles and videos where needed (not all tabs may be available to you):

Tab Use to
Networks Add the network switch(es) for the lab
Virtual Machines Add the VM Profiles for the virtual machines
Removable Media Add media to be used in the lab either in development or by end-user
Cloud Add Cloud credential pools and/or orchestration
Resources Add resources for end-user
Save/Cancel Options Most set by default; can change some fields as needed such as the amount of time a saved lab is given when resumed and the number of snapshots the user can take in a launched lab
Errata Add information the user may need before interacting with the virtual machines; if filled out, will be the first window the user sees when the lab interface opens.
Exam Set lab as an exam
Pre-instancing Set pre-instancing options
Storage Set storage options
Advanced Add customization to lab

When you have filled out the required information on the Basic Information tab and the other tabs (if needed), click Save.


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