How do I test my labs and learn how to use them before class starts?

Each class has a Test Lab available that helps you check for any issues connecting to labs. Before class you will want to open the Test Lab from any computer you will be using to work on the labs from the location you will be taking the class. Checking your laptop from home when you are taking the class from the office may not reveal firewall issues. Once you have logged in, on your Current Training page, click the name of the class under the Classes section. On the Enrollment page in the Software Check area, click Launch Test Lab. If there is a problem, click Trouble with your test lab? link under the Launch Test Lab button. You may need assistance from your system administrator if you are taking the class at your office and don't have the rights or unsure how to resolve the issue.

In the launched lab interface, read the Objective and Scenario and click Next. On the Discover the LOD Interface dialog box, read the information and click OK. You will be then in a live lab interface. Explore the navigation bar on the right side with its tabs: Content, Machine, and Options. At the bottom of the screen, complete the instructions for each task. After the last task, read the Exercise Complete dialog box that will open and click Continue and Close Window to close the lab.

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