How can I see classes in a calendar view?

When classes are created, their sessions are scheduled and can be viewed in the center’s calendar. This way, a center can see all classes for a month.

To view your classes in a calendar view, from the Site Administration page, click My Centers on the Centers tile. Click the Calendar button for the center whose classes you want to see. By choosing the parent center’s Calendar button you may select to see all child centers’ classes on one calendar or you can select a child center’s Calendar button to only view its classes.

On the Calendar page, you may use the Search Filters to narrow your view. If you want to view the classes by week or day, click the week or day buttons on the right side. To move forward or backward in the calendar, click the < and > buttons on the left side. Under Output Options, you may choose to display Instructors, Classrooms, or the Program as well as either individual sessions or entire events.

You also have the ability to right-click on a class in the calendar to view the class information or make changes to the class. The options available are as follows (they open in the same window unless noted):

  1. Details – opens the Class page
  2. Details (new window) – opens the Class page in a new window
  3. Edit – opens the Class page in Edit mode
  4. Roster – opens the Roster page for the class
  5. Edit times – opens the Sessions section for the class in Edit mode
  6. Change primary instructor – opens the Instructor section for the class in Edit mode
  7. Change primary room - opens the Delivery section for the class in Edit mode

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