How do I get into my virtual classroom?

Adobe Connect provides our virtual classrooms in the TMS, and how you access it depends on whether you are a student or an instructor. Please find your section below to see when and how you can access your classroom and for students, the pre-class preparation that will need to be completed.


When you have logged into the TMS, your User Profile page will appear. Under Classes, click the name of the class to open the Class page. On the Class page, there are a few items you need to complete prior to class under Pre-Class Preparation:

  1. Look at the Software Check section and verify that the Virtual Classroom Environment has a green checkmark indicating that your computer has the software needed to launch your virtual classroom. If instead there is an Alert symbol, click the Install button. This will link you to to install the software needed to be able to use the virtual classroom. If you have difficulty downloading this software, please contact either your network administrator or the center you are taking the class from.
  2. Next to Test Virtual Classroom, click Enter Configuration Room. It will allow you to check your audio settings to ensure you are ready for class when it starts. Click the checkbox to verify you have successfully entered the configuration room.

Under the Pre-Class Preparation, you will see a countdown timer 8 hours before the class starts showing how long it will be before the virtual classroom can be launched. The Launch Class button will be available thirty minutes before class. Click Launch Class to enter your classroom.


As an instructor you can access the virtual classroom prior to class, but the amount of time before class starts is set by the organization running the class. It may be anywhere from 1 to 60 hours before class. A countdown timer will appear 48 hours before you can open the virtual classroom showing how long it will be before the virtual classroom can be launched.

Once you are logged into the TMS, click on My Calendar at the top of any window. This will open up your Instructor Calendar. Find your class in the calendar, and click on the class name to open the Class page. Click the Launch Class button.


Note: If your organization is not using our virtual classrooms, then you won’t be accessing it through the class in the TMS. If that’s the case, then you should talk to your organization about the set up and access you’ll need.

The following video only covers how instructors access the virtual classroom.

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