How does the Exit menu work?

Depending on whether you lab has content (step-by-step instructions) or just the virtual machines, the Exit menu exit_icon.png will have different options. Labs with content have only two options: Save and Close and Cancel Lab. Labs without content also have two options but the second option is End Lab. This will open the End Lab dialog box with two options: Close my lab and mark it as complete or Cancel my lab. Note: Not all labs are allowed to be saved. Therefore, they will not have the Save and Close option on their Exit menu.

When you want to save the progress you have made in a lab to finish at another time, click Exit and Save and Close Lab.  You will have 7 days to resume the lab before it is cancelled. You can save up to 2 labs. In the Confirm Save dialog box, click OK. In the Lab Saved window, click Close Window.

In labs without content, select Exit > End Lab > Close my lab and mark it complete when you have finished the lab. The Class page tracks who has and has not completed the lab work. On the Lab Complete window, click Close Window.

Only click Exit > Cancel Lab or Exit > End Lab > Cancel my lab when you want to discard all of your work and start from the beginning next time you launch the lab. Read the dialog box that opens carefully and if you still want to discard your work, click OK. In the Lab Cancelled window, click Close Window.

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