Is there a way to show exercises in a separate window?

You can customize your lab workspace by moving all integrated (IDL) content into a separate browser window. This window will contain all the lab content, including screenshots, videos, alerts, and ideas. This is especially useful if you have multiple monitors. The two windows communicate with each other, so all actions (machine switching, media loading, etc.) work just like they normally do. Note: This feature is not available in labs where the manual is a resource (either as HTML or a document). In these cases, the resource has already been set to display using one of the following options by the lab developer and cannot be changed by you:

  1. Open in a dialog either from the Resource list or the machine/content list
  2. Open in a separate window from the Resource list or the machine/content list
  3. Open in main content area from the machine/content list
  4. Inline, side-by-side with main content area

To open a separate window for the content, click the Options tab in the Navigation pane of the lab interface and then select the checkbox for Show content in a separate window. This will move the exercises, tasks, alerts, ideas, videos, and screen shots into the new window, which you can then move to a different monitor. When you want to merge the lab interface back into one window, uncheck the box on the Options tab in the VM window.

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