How can I remove the side, top and bottom displays to only see the virtual machine in the lab interface?

The lab interface has three items “pinned” to stay in place on the screen: the Title Bar at the top, the Navigation Pane on the right, and the Task Bar at the bottom. You can hide or display any or all of these items to free more space to your virtual machines and still have instant access to all your lab content.

To unpin one of these items, click the pin on the item. It will retract. An arrow will then appear. You can hover over that arrow to temporarily display the item so you can use it. To hide it again, move the mouse off of the item. To anchor the item back in place, click the pin again.

You can also resize the side and bottom areas to almost any size you want. Do this by hovering over their inside edge until a double arrow appears, then click, hold and drag the edge to the size you want.

For other ways to ways to control the size of the display of the lab interface, please read these articles:

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