How do I resize the screen resolution setting on my own computer to view the lab better?

There may be times when you want to change the resolution of your personal computer to make it easier to view the lab or if the minimum resolution requirement to run the lab has not been met.

To change the resolution on your computer, right-click on your desktop and click Screen Resolution. If Screen Resolution is not available, click Personalize, and then click Display and Adjust Resolution. On the Screen Resolution page, click the drop-down for Resolution and slide the bar to the resolution wanted. Click Apply and in the Display Settings message, click Keep Changes. Close the Screen Resolution window.

You can also adjust the resolution of the VMs in many cases. Once the lab is launched and you have logged into the VM, on the VM's desktop use the process above to adjust the resolution. However, some VMs have had their resolution locked due to the programs installed and their size requirements. Thus they can not be changed. Also, be aware that if you change the VM resolution on one VM in the lab, it does not change the resolutions on the other VMs in the lab.

For other ways to ways to control the size of the display of the lab interface, please read these articles:

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