How can I create a classroom that is outside my center?

There may be times when you will be holding a class at a site external to your center. You can create a classroom in the TMS for this site. When you use this classroom for a class in the TMS, you can control enrollments based on its capacity. In addition, by clicking on the classroom name link in the TMS, your students and instructor can see the address and, if provided, a map.

To create a classroom outside your center, in Site Administration on the Classrooms tile, click the Create Classroom link. This opens up the Create Classroom page. On the Basic Information tab, fill in the Name and Capacity fields for the classroom. The Center field is automatically filled in from your profile. Next, click the External Location tab and select the Is an external location checkbox. Complete the address fields for the external classroom. You can add directions or a URL to a map for the classroom location (Directions/Map URL). Check Show map in page if you want a map to be generated on the Classroom page based on the address entered.

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