How can I reuse search settings or create default settings on search pages?

Are you tired of having to put the same search filters and criteria every time you are on a search page? If so, you can save your search parameters for reuse any time. You can save one or more searches and you can choose a search to be the default search which automatically opens each time you return to that page. Using saved searches is also a convenient way to build reports you will run periodically.

To Save Search Parameters: 

On the Find… page, click Add Filters and select any filters you want. Any criteria filled in will be retained. Delete any filters you don’t need. Click Ouput Options to add columns in your search results and check or uncheck selections based on what you want to include. Click Search to view your results. If everything appears they way you want it, then click the Save icon located above the search filters. In the Save Search dialog box, fill in the Name for the search and if wanted, check Make this my default search. Then click OK. Saved searches are only available on the page they were created. 

To Use a Saved Search: 

Navigate to the Find… page, and if you set your saved search to be the default, your search will run when the page is opened. If you want to use saved search, click the Open icon. Select the saved search and click OK to apply it. Click Search to see the results. 

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