How can I create multiple user accounts at once?

If you have several users you want to create and want to save time from doing them individually, you can use the Import Users feature. This will allow creating up to 10,000 users at a time through the use of a CSV (comma-separated values) formatted file. Guidance on this file and the required/optional fields are provided on the Import Users page.  

To create multiple users, on the Site Administration page, click Import Users on the Users tile. This opens the Import Users page which contains helpful instructions. Read the entire page carefully and click user import template to download the template to build the CSV file for your users. Once the file is built and the data is verified for accuracy, return to the Import Users page (if you have left it) and complete the fields at the top of the page. IMPORTANT! These fields will apply to all users that are part of the import. If a subset of the users you wish to import cannot all be grouped using all the same field settings, you have two choices: 1) correct each of them after import or 2) do separate imports for user(s) that have different values. The following is a table explaining the fields to be completed: 

Center  Defaults to your center; can be changed to other centers or subcenters you manage 
Time Zone  Defaults to your time zone; can be changed 
Company  Optional 
Account Executive  Optional 
Roles  Defaults to Student, this is the basic user role in the TMS and users cannot function correctly without it; other roles may be added as needed. All included roles will be added to each user imported 
Groups  Optional 
Force Password Change Check this box to require the user to change their password when they access their user account for the first time
Process Notifications This option will only show if your organization has an automated notification set up for when a new user account is created. Checking the box will send the notification to your newly created users.

Once you have set the field values, click Browse next to CSV File. In the Choose File to Upload dialog box, navigate to where you saved your CSV file of users, select it and click Open. Click Go to start the import process. The system will review the file for errors in the data and provide you with a list of errors it finds including the row and error found. You can select Ignore these errors and import anyway and click Try Again or you can correct the errors in the file and click Try Again. Once the import completes you will be provided with a list of users that have been imported. You can click Import More to do another set of users with different data. 

If you receive a  message that usernames or emails have already been used, please read the What do I do if an email address is unavailable when I am creating a user account article.  

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