How can I find how long a lab will be saved for?

The length of time a lab is saved is determined by several factors, among them: a user's roles, the type of learning (Instructor led VS Self-paced) and class sessions scheduled.

Standard lab saves are as follows:

  • Users with the Operations Manager role can save 2 labs for 7 days.
  • Users with an Instructor role can save 5 labs for 7 days.
  • Students can save up to 2 labs:
    • 7 day lab saves for self-paced learning through a course assignment
    • 2 day lab saves for Instructor led training scheduled on consecutive class days
    • 7 day lab saves for Instructor led training scheduled on non-consecutive class days

Class Sessions

The way that class sessions are scheduled directly affects lab save times. When setting up sessions for a class, we recommend using the Add Multiple Session Times link when a class meets for more than one day. The TMS uses sessions to determine lab save times for students.

If a class has sessions on consecutive days, student labs are saved for 2 days. If a class has sessions on nonconsecutive days, student labs are saved for 7 days. These are the standard labs saves applied across the TMS; there are exceptions, for example, this does not apply to all courses - courses using Public IP Addresses require a lab save every 3 days.

We can set up lab saves outside of these defaults for special circumstances when necessary. If you need labs in a class to be saved for a different time period, please send a request to

If you want to see if labs in a particular class can be saved and if so, for how long, begin by impersonating a user in the appropriate role. Navigate to the student enrollment or the Class page (depending on the role). Expand the Activities area and click Launch for any lab. Once the lab has started, in the upper right corner of the lab interface, click Exit. If the lab is unable to be saved, you will see End Lab. If the lab is able to be saved, you will see Save and Close Lab. Click this and a Confirm Save dialog box will appear. In it will be the amount of time the lab will be saved and its expiration date and time. Click Cancel. To close the lab without saving, click Exit and Cancel Lab. Then click Yes, cancel my lab.

View lab save time 


View lab save time for students


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