How do I make a change to my lab?

When working in a launched lab in the Lab Interface, you may want to update the VMs with the current status of your lab. You do this by creating a Differencing Disk.

To capture a VM’s current state in the lab you are working on, you should first shut down all machines in the lab. Then click Developer in the top right area of the lab interface and click Differencing Disks. In the Save Differencing Disks window, select Update virtual machines in this lab profile with my current differencing disks and click Next. The other choice is covered in the How do I create a new lab profile with virtual machines from a launched lab? article.

In the Update Virtual Machines window, check only the virtual machines that you want to update and check their hard drives. You then need to type a name for the differencing disk on each hard drive checked and in the Note field, include a note explaining the changes made to that virtual machine. You should not uncheck the Shut down affected virtual machines (Recommended: ensures all changes are flushed to disk) checkbox. Click Next. If the storage folder that the virtual hard disks came from is read-only, you will be prompted for the folder to store the differencing disks in. Select the folder and click Next. The differencing disks will be captured. In the Save Successful window, click OK.

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