How do I set the defaults for creating users and creating classes?

Creating users and creating classes have fields which allow for each organization to choose their own default values. The default value will automatically display when you are creating a new user or class, and each of these items can be revised as needed. You can set defaults through Center Preferences.

To set your defaults, from Site Administration on the Organizations tile, click My Organizations. Click on the center name to access the Center Profile and click Edit. Open the Preferences tab. 

Two defaults can be set for creating new user accounts: the User Password and the UserName Pattern. 

UserName Pattern:Choose to use either each new user’s E-mail address or the user’s combined name separated by a dot: FirstName.LastName.

User Password: Input a password for all new user accounts, the password must be at least 8 characters long.
UserName Pattern: Choose to use either each new user's E-mail address or the user's combined name separated by a dot: FirstName.LastName

Several defaults can be set for the classes you create such as the class capacity, the pattern of days classes are held, the start and end times for classes, and the status of the class.

Class Minimum Capacity:    

Set a minimum capacity to use as a search for classes you may want to cancel if the minimum number of students have not enrolled. To use this search criteria, go to Find Classes and filter by Has not Met Minimum Enrollment.

Class Maximum Capacity:

Set a maximum capacity for classes. This restricts the total number of enrollments for your classes to the number you have set.

Class Session Pattern:

Input the days of the week you normally want your classes to run.

Class Session Start and End Time:

Set the class start and end times for your normal class day.

Class Status:

Choose the default class status. Please note, for class functionality to work the status must be set to either Scheduled or Guaranteed to run.


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