What do I do if an email address is unavailable when I am creating a user account?

When you are trying to create a user or instructor account and the email address you used shows as unavailable, this means the address has already been used.

The first thing to do is to see if you have access to the user or instructor account. Go to Site Administration, and on the Users tile, click Find Users. Add the Disabled filter and set it to Is Or Is Not Disabled. Add the E-mail filter and input the e-mail address. Click Search. If your user or instructor comes up, then the user or instructor account does not need to be created. Otherwise, you can do the following:

For user accounts –

If you do not see the user account in the search results, it means that the user has taken classes at another center and you cannot see their existing user account.

There are three options for managing student user accounts in this situation:

  1. You can create a user account for your student with an alternate e-mail address.
  2. Send an email to Ask us to enroll your student for you using their existing user account. We will need the class name, start date and the student’s email. Using this option, you will only be able to view the student through the class roster, you will not have access to any of the user's other information.
  3. Send an email to, CC the student. Ask the student to approve moving their account to your center in the TMS.

For instructor accounts –

If you do not see the instructor account in the search results, it means, that the instructor account already exists in another center.

There are three options for managing instructor accounts in this situation.

  1. Send an email to, CC the instructor. Ask us to move the instructor to the Contract Instructor Pool. We will need the instructor’s permission to make the change. See more information about the Contract Instructor Pool in an upcoming blog.
  2. Send an email to We can add the instructor to the class for you.
  3. Create a user account for the instructor with an alternate e-mail address.

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