How do I find if or when a student has launched a lab?

When you need to know if or when students have launched a lab, you can use the Find Lab Instances search page. You can find any instance of a lab which was launched and search by things like a student's name, an instructor's name, a class name, a lab name and/or a time period.

To do this, on the Site Administration page, locate the Labs tile and click on Find Lab Instances. This will bring up the Find Lab Instances search page with several filters to help you locate the labs you are looking for. If you need more filters, click on the Add filter drop-down and select the appropriate filter. Fill-in the information you are looking for and click Search.

The search results will list the labs along with the Lab Series, the User, the Start and End dates, and the Completion Status. If the lab you are looking for is not listed in the search results, it has not been launched. If the lab instance is listed, you can click Details to the right of it to open the Lab Instance page. This page provides much more detailed information about that lab instance such as when the lab was started, the Last Activity, and where the student was in the lab.

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