How can I check lab connectivity for a class outside of my center?

Any administrative user and registered student can access a software check for a class’ labs. This is found in a section called Software Check on the class page. From the Software Check you can launch a Test Lab. If you have any issues with it, click the “Trouble with your test lab?” link to open a page listing the system requirements as well as some troubleshooting tools for the type of lab you are running in the class.

When the computers are in an offsite classroom, someone from your staff or someone at the company’s site will need to check connectivity to the labs on each external classroom computer. Your staff member or the instructor for the class will launch the test lab from the class page. However, if a point of contact at the site will be testing connectivity, they will not necessarily have a user account or be enrolled in the class. Therefore, you will need to provide them a method to launch a test lab to check that the labs will work properly. You can do this for any potential client who is concerned about running labs at their location or from behind their firewall. There are no charges associated with launching test labs.

The first step to providing the contact with this ability is to determine the type of lab the class uses. On the Site Administration page on the Classes tile, select Find Classes. Expand Output Options and add Capacity Max Lab RAM and Content Provider. Input part of the class name in the Name filter and click Search. Locate the class in the search results and see if any of the Capacity Max RAM columns have a number other than zero in it. This column indicates the type of lab used for the class. 

Based on the type of labs used in the class, you will need to either create a “test lab only” class and enroll the contact or send the contact a test lab link. Use the table below to find which test lab course or link to use.

Capacity Max RAM’s Column: Create a Class using this Course:
   Hyper-V    Connectivity Test - HyperV
   vSphere    Connectivity Test - vSphere

If you need to create a class (for Hyper-V, vSphere and Virtual Server labs), follow these steps:

  1. Create the class using the correct Test Lab course
  2. Create a user account for the contact
  3. Enroll the contact into the class
  4. Send them the instructions to login to check their connectivity

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