Why do links disappear?

Have you gotten to a page in the TMS and a link you expect to be there isn’t showing? This can happen. The TMS’ links are context sensitive - we only show you the links that pertain to the item at a time when it is needed. Or another way of looking at it is we hide all the stuff that is irrelevant to try to cut down on the clutter.

One of the places with the most moving parts, and a place you may have noticed the disappearing and reappearing links is the Class Profile page. For instance, before or during class you will have a link to print a sign-in sheet but the link disappears when the class is over. Similarly, the link to the attendance chart does not appear until class begins and it remains available after the class is over.

Which links show is also dependent on elements of the class set up. If the course for the class has labs, you will see a software check for the lab environment on the class page, and links for monitoring labs and to find lab instances. If the class uses a virtual classroom there is a software check for the virtual classroom environment and links for the class recording and recording access times.

Another reason links can disappear is because of permissions. Each user is only shown the items they have the rights to use. If you have the Operations Manager role and you suddenly don’t have access to numerous things you have always been able to access, then check to see if you are impersonating someone. Look in the top right corner of any page, and if you see the words “Impersonating [Name] Stop Impersonating” then you are in impersonation mode. Click Stop Impersonating and your normal access will return.

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