How do I find a student’s completed classes?

There are a couple of ways to find a student’s completed classes. You can find this from the either the student’s User Profile or from Find Enrollments. From the User Profile page you can only find information related to one user, while through Find Enrollments you can search for information on any enrollment.

User Profile

To find completed classes for a student, you can start from the User Profile. On Site Administration, under Users, select Find Users. In the Name fields, input part of the student’s name, and click Search. Double-click the Name of the student in the search results to open the User Profile. Then click the Transcript link. On the Transcript under the Classes section, all past class enrollments will be listed.

Find Enrollments

To find upcoming classes for a student using Find Enrollments, on Site Administration, under Class Enrollments select Find Enrollments. Input the student’s name. Change the Class Starts filter from In the future to In the past and click Search to view all past enrollments for the student.

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