How do I enroll multiple students?

There are a couple of tools in the TMS you can use to register students, but the one that lets you create multiple registrations all at once is found in the class roster. Several different registration statuses exist to help you track whether the student should be granted access to a class.

Best practice for adding students to class is to set the Enrollment Status to Requested, then when the students show up for the class, mark them Enrolled, if they do not show up, mark them Cancelled. LODS uses the Enrolled status to trigger billing for lab usage, therefore, after a class begins the system will not permit the Enrollment Status of "Enrolled" to be changed. But after class begins you can change an enrollment set to Requested to another status.

Remember that students must be in the status of Enrolled to be able to launch their labs when class starts.

To create enrollments, on Site Administration on the Classes tile, click the Find Classes link. This opens up the Find Classes page. Input part of the name of the class you want in the Name field and click Search. Find the class in the search results, and on the class’s row click the Roster link (the icon of 2 students). On the Roster page, click the Add Students link. This opens the Choose User dialog. Input part of the name of a student, click Search. Check the box next to the student to enroll. Repeat these steps to search for and select all of your students for class. Once all the students have been selected, click OK. All students will be added to the Roster with the status of Enrolled, change the enrollment status to Requested. Click Save to add them to class. Students' enrollment status will need to be changed to Enrolled or Cancelled after the class starts.

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