How do I create student user accounts?

User accounts for students can be added in the TMS and provide all the needed rights to login, attend classes, open labs and virtual classes. The Student role is the default user role in the TMS, so each user you create is automatically given Student privileges. The system requires using a unique email address on every user account.

Some fields will be filled automatically based either on your own user account or the center preference settings. For instance, the defaults for the Username and Password are based on the selections set up in Center Preferences. However, the Center and Time Zone fields default to match those of the person creating the account.

To create a user account, once you are logged in, open Site Administration. On the Users tile, click the Create User link. This opens up the Create User page. You need to fill out the following required fields: First Name, Last Name, E-mail, Username and Password. You should check that the student is being added to the correct Center and Time Zone. You may fill-in data in other fields if you wish to capture it here. These fields and the other tabs will be covered in future blogs and videos.

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