Why do I have to select my client every time I launch a lab?

The labs use cookies to remember your selected options. If you are having to select your lab client each time you launch a lab, there is a good chance that cookies have been disabled on your computer system. This could be due to network policy if you are connected to a network at your work or it could be browser settings that have set on your computer.

To fix the issue, if you are connected to a network at your work, check with your network administrator to determine if cookies are allowed. If there are no network rules blocking cookies, you will need to check your browser settings to see if cookies are blocked. Cookies are part of the Privacy settings for your browser. To change the permissions for them, open your browser settings and locate the Privacy settings. Ensure this website is allowed to store cookies in your browser. For example, this procedure would like this in Internet Explorer 11: Click the Tools icon and click Internet Options. In Internet Options, click the Privacy tab and click Sites. Enter * (site address may change) and click Allow, then click OK. Note: Some browsers have the option to delete cookies upon closing the browser session. This would also cause you to have to select your client the next time. If possible, this setting should be shutoff.

If you are unable to locate the Privacy settings for your browser or to set the website to be able to use cookies, contact your computer support staff for assistance.

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