How do I remove the scroll bars in my lab’s virtual machine?

Scroll bars appear when you cannot see the entire Virtual Machine. This may be due to the resolution of your machine, the size of your lab window or screen, and/or the resolution requirements of the program being run on the VM.

First you should check the size of the lab window to see if it can be increased. If it is not maximized, you can do the following:

  1. Maximize the window;
  2. If you don't want the window maximized,
    1. Resize the window manually by hovering over the edge of the window until you get double-arrows and then dragging to a larger size;
    2. Use the  Fit Window to Machine command on the Display menu display_icon.png in the lab to fit the interface to VM. Please note that the Fit Window to Machine command is mainly to help you get rid of the grey space around the VM within the lab window, and is not meant to be the first option in getting rid of scroll bars. In addition, the Edge browser does not work with the Fit Window to Machine command.

You could also change your screen resolution or the screen resolution of the VM(s), which is covered in the How do I resize the screen resolution setting on my own computer to view the lab better? article (see link below).

Finally, you can change the Zoom setting in your browser. The location of the Zoom setting will be dependent on the browser you are using. However there are two ways to do this with your mouse. The first is before you launch the lab. Click in a blank area of the browser window, hold down Ctrl and use your mouse scroll wheel to adjust the zoom. The second is to do this once the lab is running. Ensure you click in a blank area of the lab interface window though to ensure the action is not captured by the VM.

Some programs have their dialog boxes and wizards set to a certain size/resolution. This is not changeable so there still may be times when these do not display correctly, especially if you are using a small screen or lower resolution.

For other ways to optimize viewing the lab, please read these articles:

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