How do I prepare for a course that I am not scheduled to teach?

Are you interested in preparing for a course that you are not yet scheduled to teach? As a trainer you have access to numerous courses and their activities including labs and SCORM modules. You can preview the activities to become familiar with their content. To access courses:

  1. Click Admin to navigate to the Site Administration page.
  2. On the Courses tile, click Find Courses.
  3. On the Find Courses search page, enter part of the name of a course and click Search to view the results.
  4. Click the name of the course you want. This takes you to a page with the course’s details.
  5. All activities will be listed on that page under the Activities section. Click the name of the activity you want to open.
  6. Video, document, link, and assessment activities will open. SCORM and lab activities will open to their Details page. On the Details page, click Launch or Start to start the activity in a new window.
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