How do assessments work?

An assessment is an exam or test to determine a user's comprehension of material. Assessments are added as course activities and can be mixed in among labs and videos. Assessments are made up of multiple choice questions; each question may have one or more correct answer. After completing an assessment, students can review them; each question shows the answer given by the student as well as marking which answer was correct. If added, the student can view a short explanation about the correct answer, and a link can be added for them to view other resources. Assessment results can be viewed within the TMS from assessments.

Assessments are designed in the TMS with multiple choice questions. These questions can have a single correct answer or multiple correct answers. Students can be allowed to review the assessment after they complete it, because of this you have the option of adding an explanation for the correct answer and a link to a site with additional information.

Assessments can be used for both instructor led and self-paced training. They are added on courses as activities, and so, show in the course activities for students. They have options to permit students to only take the assessment one time or it may be open for the student to retake multiple times. Assessments can be set to allow or restrict students from reviewing the results. In addition, you have the option of requiring students to complete the assessment before moving to subsequent activities.

A student sees the assessment in the course activities of their enrollment or course assignment. They use the launch button on assessment to open it. On completed assessment which allows for retakes, the launch button will read "Retake", if retakes are not permitted the disappears. If the assessment is allowed to be reviewed, then a "Review" button displays on the activity. When a student reviews an assessment, the correct answer is shown bold and underlined in green. The students answers display as grayed out selections; when an incorrect answer was selected by the student, the answer is underlined in red. An information icon appears to the right for the student to access any website added within the assessment.



If you are interested in having assessments added to your courses, please send a request to the help desk. Permissions can be added to allow assessments to be created and assessment responses to be viewed. Depending on the content of the courses, we may need to create custom courses for you or you may be able to create courses on your own.



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