How do I report on students' attendance for multiple day classes?

To view attendance data on multiple day classes, you must register the class' attendance using the Attendance Chart. When attendance is recorded there, the consolidated data for your organization can be pulled from the Find Class Attendance page.

You can go directly to the attendance chart on the class profile or to Find Class Attendance to view the days a student was in class. To open the reporting go to Site Administration on the Class Enrollments tile, click the Find Class Attendance link. Each class session for each student is a separate row in the search results. A 5 day class has 5 separate rows for each student enrolled in the class. A column entry shows whether the student attended or not.2017-08-09_15_28_24-Microsoft_Edge.png

The report's filters and output options can be adjusted to report the data you need. And the data can be exported to Excel.


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