How can I get to know the LoDS lab interface?

If you are new to our labs, we recommend taking some time to get comfortable with the lab interface by launching our Lab Orientation and Connectivity Check lab. The Lab Orientation and Connectivity Check lab will help you familiarize yourself with navigating the lab environment. We provide a link below, and the test lab is available from the Get Ready section of any class that contains a lab.

Our test lab provides a step by step guide on how to use the lab interface and environment. It also explains the different components of the lab environment, such as: how to switch virtual machines, navigate through tasks, view screenshots, and more. By clicking on the Done button on a step, you will progress to the next step in the lab.

To launch a test lab, please click here. The test lab can also be found on any class page that contains a lab in the gray Get Ready box. 



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