How can I have students check connectivity and become familiar with the LoDS lab interface for class?

The Test Lab is both an orientation to become familiar with how to work in the LoDS lab interface and a connectivity check to ensure you are able to connect to the lab interface.

When preparing to run a class using the Lab On Demand lab environments, it is important to run the Lab Orientation and Connectivity Check lab. Running this check will help ensure that you are able to connect to the LoD lab interface as well as identify any connectivity issues the user may have prior to the start of class.

The Lab Orientation and Connectivity Check lab also helps users familiarize themselves with navigating the lab environment. It explains the different components of the lab environment such as how to switch virtual machines, navigate through the tasks, view screenshots, and more.

The test lab is set up the same as the labs used for class, so we encourage users to explore all of the features to become comfortable using the environment. 

Launching the Test Lab

The Lab Orientation and Connectivity Check lab can be found on the class page in a gray box that says, Get Ready.

There is no restriction on when or how many times a user can launch the test lab, so we strongly encourage having users launch the lab before the start of class.

To launch the lab, select the Launch Test Lab button. The test lab will launch in a separate window with a welcome message that will explain how to proceed.

When a user is finished running the Lab Orientation and Connectivity Check lab, exit the lab by selecting the exit icon with the arrow. 

If the test lab is still running, the user will not be able to launch another lab until it is closed. However, the Lab Orientation aand Connectivity Check lab is set to run for 15 minutes. A lab timer is displayed in the top right side of the lab interface. Once the lab expires, it will automatically close.

If users experience any issues connecting to the test environment, they can select the Trouble with your test lab? link which we bring them to our Connectivity Requirements page for information on network requirements, browser support, firewall rule exceptions, as well as a connectivity assessment. If users are unable to self diagnose their issue they should contact our Support Team at

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