How do I record student attendance for a multiple day class?

While marking a student's completion status Attending on the roster shows the student's overall status of being in class, it does not tell you if the student attended each day of class. The Attendance Chart permits you to track your students' daily attendance on multiple day classes. An attendance report can then be pulled showing the days the student attended class.

The Attendance Chart link displays once class begins. Attendance may be marked manually by the instructor or organization's administrative users to show the days each student came to class. Setting a student's completion status to Attending for a 1 day class registers their attendance on the attendance chart. However, it does not register attendance for any day of a multiple day class; each day must be marked on the attendance chart when a class has multiple sessions.

The TMS will automatically register students on the attendance chart each day when they are attending virtually through one of our integrated virtual classroom meeting hosts. When the student clicks the Launch Class button on their enrollment, it registers their attendance on the attendance chart. Additionally, if your organization uses the Student Check-in, checking in a student marks the check in page, and automatically marks students attending on the roster and also updates the attendance chart. 

To open the Attendance Chart, from Site Administration on the Classes tile, click Find Classes. Search for and select your class. On the class profile, click the Attendance Chart link. Check boxes to mark attendance.


Please note, the class start date and time is the trigger to display the attendance chart link.



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