How do I change an enrollment’s completion status and which one should I use?

Completion statuses are used to reflect students’ overall attendance while class is in session and their fulfillment of the class’ objectives when class is over. Students' daily attendance can be tracked using the Attendance Chart; a link appears for this displays once a class starts. Completion status is used to move class enrollments and course assignments into students’ transcript and enables their ability to print completion certificates when they are available for a course.

Need to change the completion status of one or more of your students’ enrollments? You may change the completion status on the class roster, and view the completion status in multiple places, such as: Find Enrollments or the student’s enrollment.

Students in a Class
Navigate to the Class details page, click Roster the Command bar. The roster provides a list of students in the class and the ability to change the Completion Status of each student. However, the roster does not automatically display the completion status until the class begins, before a class begins the completion status may be displayed by selecting it from the Columns menu. On the Roster page, in the Completion column, click the dropdown on the row of a student and select the completion status for that student. Repeat for other students in the class and Save.

There are 6 class completion statuses, a completion status can only be set for a student marked Enrolled. Which ones you use depend upon the process flow for your organization and permissions in the roles you have. The following lists the statuses and possible uses for a student’s completion status:

  • Unknown – Default setting for all student marked enrolled.
  • Attending – Student is currently sitting in class
  • Complete – User successfully completed class. This moves the enrollment to the student’s transcript.
  • Incomplete – Student began attending class but did not complete attending the class.
  • No Show – User did not show up for class.
  • Failed – Student may have completed attending the class, but did not successfully complete other items related to the class, like an exam.

Students logging into our integrated virtual classrooms are automatically marked Attending for their Completion status.

For more information on using the Attendance chart see the article, "How do I record student attendance for a multiple day class?". 

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