How can students print completion certificates?

Students can access and print a completion certificate from a PDF for completed training in the TMS. In order for students to print certificates, the course must have a certificate template, the student must have a supplemental role giving them rights to print certificates and the training the must be at a completed status in the TMS.

Students cannot print certificates without a supplemental role added allowing them this ability. Organizations who want to give students the ability to print certificates may add the role, Student - Certificate Printing; this can be added by anyone with the Operations Manager role. It may also be added as a default role for all users created in your organization, please contact for assistance setting this up.

A student’s class enrollment or self-paced training must be at a status of complete before they can print a certificate. For a class enrollment, an administrator or the instructor must mark the student’s Completion Status to “Complete” on the roster or student enrollment. For self-paced learning, the course assignment’s required activities must all be completed for the TMS to automatically register the assignment as completed. An administrative user may open a course assignment and select the Mark Complete link to overwrite and register the assignment as complete to the TMS.

Once the enrollment or assignment is showing as complete, it will show on the student’s transcript. Training which has a completion certificate available will show a certificate icon. To print a certificate, click the completion certificate icon. If more than one completion certificate is available for a course, a dialog opens listing all available certificate types. Select a certificate template and click OK to download the files. Open the downloaded zip file containing a PDF of the certificate. Open the certificate and print.



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