How do I create completion certificates?

Course completion certificates can be added to the courses of your choice for your staff or your students to print. You can upload one or more certificate templates to associate with courses and these certificates are made available to users to print in the TMS. Certificates are available to print by administrators at any time for classes and course assignments, they may edit from a Word file or print using a PDF. Students may print certificates from a PDF if a class enrollment or course assignment shows as Complete on their Transcript.

You may need to contact us for the permissions required to upload or add certificates to courses. Or we may need to create the courses for you. Please contact us at for assistance or to receive the proper roles in the TMS.

Steps for adding certificates:

  1. Create and upload a certificate template. See How do I ensure my Course Completion Certificates print correctly? for best practices.
  2. Add certificates to courses

Create and upload a certificate template

To add certificates, first create the certificate in DOCX format on your computer. Use any or all of the following replacement fields to pull data from the TMS and save the file:

  • StudentName – Adds the student's first and last name as shown on their user profile.
  • CourseName – Inputs the name of the completed course.
  • CourseLength – Inputs the length of the course in hours, days, or weeks.
  • CompletionDate – Adds the date the student completed the course.
  • Location – Shows where the course was taken.
  • TrainingDays – Inputs the number of training days from the course.

To upload the certificate template, go to Site Administration, on the Courses tile click Manage Completion Certificates, and then click Create Course Certificate Template. Add a Name and Description, and click Upload new file.  Select the DOCX file in your file system, click Open and then Save.


 Add certificates to courses

Once a certificate template is uploaded it is available for you to add to courses. One or more certificate may be added to a course. After a certificate is added, it is available to be printed for any class or course assignment using the course.

To add a certificate to a course, go to Site Administration, on the Courses tile click Find Courses. On the Find Courses page, use the filters and click Search to display the desired course(s). Open the course from the search results. Click Edit, select the Completion Certificates tab, and then click Add Certification Template. This opens the Choose Completion Certificate dialog, use the filters as needed, then click Search. Check the boxes of all the certificate templates you wish to add to the course and click OK. Click Save to update the course.

IMPORTANT! When you add the completion certificate(s) to the course, please be aware the Short Name of the course will be used as the name of the zipped file when the certificates are downloaded to print. As a result, the zipped file and its contents will not be able to be opened if there are any special characters in the Short Name.



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