How can I add an existing class enrollments to a new event?

Have you ever had to cancel a class and move the students to a different class date? Or have the same set of students enrolled in multiple classes? If you need to add student enrollments to a class from a class that already has the enrollments, then you can retrieve all the enrollments from that class so you don’t have to create each individual enrollment over again. Please note, this function will only add the students who were enrolled in the selected class to clone their enrollment to the new class, it will not add students in any other enrollment status.

Open the class where you want to add the student enrollments, click Roster on the class task bar. On the Roster page, click Add Students from Event, this opens a Choose Event dialog. Search for and select the class with the enrollments you want and click OK. Click Save Changes and this will add all enrolled students from the class you selected to the new class as Enrolled.


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