How can I create a way to find a group of users?

If you are looking for a way to search for a group of users, then User Groups is the tool to use. You can name a group and apply it to a set of users so that you can bring up that set of users from Find pages and  Choose user dialog boxes. This can be a helpful tool to categorize your instructors or students.

The first step is to create your User Group, after that you will add your users to the group. Once these are set up when you are on a page or in a dialog that searches for users you can use the User Groups filter to find them.

Create A User Group

To create a User Group, on Site Administration go to the User Group tile and click the Create User Group link. Input a Name and click Save.


Add Users to a User Group

After the User Group has been created, the users need to be added to the group. You can add users to the group in two ways, from the User Group or from a User Profile.

Add users from the User Group

To add users from a User Group, open the User Group profile. From Site Administration on the User Group tile, click Find User Group. Input the name of the group and click Search. In the search results, click the name of the group to open the group profile. Click the Add Users link. This opens a Choose User dialog, input part of the user’s first and last name, click Search, select the user in the search results, then search for another user. Continue searching and selecting until all your users are chosen, then click OK to add them all to the group. Click Save to update the group.


Add Users from a User Profile

To add a User Group through a User Profile, open the user’s account. From Site Administration on the Users tile, click Find Users. Input the name of the user and click Search. In the search results, click the name of the user to open their profile. Click Edit and open the Groups tab, and then click the Add Groups link. This opens the Choose User Group dialog, input the group name and click Search. Select the User Group from the search results and click OK. Then Save the changes on the User Profile.


Search by User Group

Once the User Group is created and the users have been added, then you can use the User Group filter. This filter is available from the Add filter menu from any page or dialog that searches for users, like Find or Choose Users, Find or Choose Instructors, or Find Enrollments. The User Group filter works a little differently than an ordinary text field, once the filter is added, begin to type in part of the group name. As you type a drop down list will appear below the text field with the names of user groups. Select the desired group from the list. Then click Search.


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